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Edit Wedding and Event Photo Editing

NOTE: All type of services are provided

Wedding Photo Culling

A wedding photographer who takes a lot of wedding photos in the event, they have to spend a lot of time on Culling photos. As a wedding photographer myself, I can cull your photos and select the best photos for you using photo mechanic software.

Wedding Photos Retouching/ Editing

Now the wedding photo editing part. I can help you edit your images with Lightroom or capture one software or photoshop which one you prefer. And can send you a catalog file or edited file. The photo will be edited professionally and with care. Basic adjustment, exposure, highlight, shadow recovery, cropping, resizing, skin cleaning, and smoothing will be get more info down with your preferred software. If you have preferred Lightroom preset or photoshop action, I can make one for you for a consistent wedding phot style or look.

Batch Wedding Photo Editing

I can do a batch process with a special effect like sky replacement, texture, high-end skin, dodge burn, color correction, spot removal, noise reduction can be done in batch.

Wedding photo is my full-time job. I can give you best output. Let's talk in detail!

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